A Review on Best 10 Comedies of All-Time

Safety Last, which was release in 1923, was a story about an energetic, American youth who will do anything to show his girl that he is a successful man in the city. The film was directed by Fred C. Newmeyer and Sam Taylor, and actor is Harold Lloyd. This movie is remembered for its thrilling climax and humorous stunts on the edge of a twelve-story building.

The gold Rush in 1925 is all about Chaplin’s slapstick comedy, social satire and tender dramatic moments. Little Tramp portrayed by Chaplin is the most popular character. A classic scene in this movie is Little Tramp eating his own shoes out of starvation.

The general in 1927 is about two lovers. Perhaps, this is considered as the most distant of all silent comedies. This movie is an imaginative sequence of Bustone Keaton comedy.

Duck Soup is Marx Brothers and director Leo McCarey’s greatest and funniest classic comedy of all times. But this is a brilliant satire and mockery blundering of Fascism.

It happened one night, which was released in1934, is one of the greatest romantic comedies. This is a pioneer screwball comedy film. The story takes place during the time of depression and casts pairing or mismatched couple Gable and Colbert.

A night at the opera featured in1935 is a musical comedy. This was Thirteen Marx Brothers’ most popular film and it brought financial success to them.

My man Godferey in 1936 is a screwball comedy of a forgotten man. This film was directed by Gregory La Cava.

The awful Truth in 1937 is about two married divorcee. The producer or director is Leo McCarey and the story is about witty marital mismatches and hilarious romantic hostility of Cary and Irene.

Brining up baby in 1938 is about the screwball comedy of Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. It was directed by the most versatile director Howard Hawk and considered as the most definitive screwball film.

His girl Friday (1940) is Howard Hawks’s modern-style screwball comedy. Though this movie runs for 3 hours, it is known for its breathtaking and fast moving story with enough dialogues. This movie emphasizes the argument about women who are in between marriage or career.

Comedians Getting Their Break Through Comedy Competitions

People pursuing a career in comedy have a long and arduous road in front of them before they hit the big bucks, but comedy competitions often provide the much needed exposure they need to take their careers to the next level. Whether it’s stand-up, screenplays, or short film, comedy is often the hardest pursuit in entertainment because comedy unlike many other genres of entertainment is subjective. Luckily for the struggling artists out there, more and more companies — like Doritos, TurboTax, Nabisco — are putting their advertising dollars out there for comedic-user-generated ad competitions.

TurboTax recently had a contest on YouTube that asked for people to do comedic material on taxes. Hundreds of comics came up with their best tax jokes and posted them to the TurboTax YouTube page.

Stand-up comic John Ramsey won that competition, claiming the prize of $10,000 and opening for Jay Mohr at the Improv Comedy Club.

TV has long been the holy grail for stand-up comics but the opportunities are getting fewer with the recent cancellation of NBC’s “Last Comic Standing”. TV still offers chances to aspiring comics through TV One’s ‘Who’s Got Jokes”, which is hosted Bill Bellamy, and also NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” but they will be competing against many other performing artists such as dancers, singers, and chainsaw jugglers. TV competitions are few and far between but offer their contestants a platform which offers exposure like no other.

For the comedic writers out there, the LA Comedy Shorts Festival is a great opportunity to compete in many competitions like comedic short films and screenplays. With big names attached to the event like Adam Corolla, Will Ferrall, and Jud Apatow, winners of these competitions have the opportunity to live the Hollywood dream. Other screenwriting competitions are out there like the one put on by The ScreenWriting Expo, but no other puts so much focus on comedic talent.

7 Cool Facts About Popular Cult Films You Might Not Know

Cult films are those movies that you hear people rave about, that you probably have never heard of. They are usually not the academy award winners. They can be horror films, comedies, box-office flops, independent films or odd genres that you would never normally seek out. Regardless of where they fall in the categories of films, they are definitely unique. And they generally fit the following seven bullet point list:

1. Cult films have quotable lines.

Most of these unique films are quotable. This just means that fans can spend hours spitting out different lines from the movies, and other fans will respond with another one-liner. Savvy movie theaters have picked up on this phenomenon and will host cult-film evenings just so that audience members can quote along with their favorite movie.

2. There are entire festivals devoted to some movies.

When a cinematic story develops a large following, there are sure to be some interesting festivals that follow. At such gatherings, you are sure to find those dressed in character, as well as other interesting attractions. Goody bags, multiple showings of the film, book studies and lectures are all elements you might find.

3. There is a hard-core following even though the movie has been rejected in the mainstream.

While not everyone agrees on what constitutes a cult film, a broad definition includes the concept that these films have been rejected by the mainstream at the time of release. They are generally not box office hits, and they do not win awards. Oftentimes, they contain counter-culture elements and in many countries, these films have been banned for one reason or another.

4. Sometimes, it is the director who is the reason for the following.

Cult films do not always gain their status based on their film qualities. Instead, it is the director who has become famous in the circle of the fans, and any movie he or she makes usually ends up in the canon of cult classics. Quentin Tarantino is a great example of this.

5. Intellectuals are always arguing about what makes a cult classic.

Another surprising fact includes the fact that there is no one definition of what allows a movie to gain the status of “cult classic.” Actually, there are great (and sometimes ugly) debates about whether one film qualifies. Many of these debates are taking place on college campuses across the country, with professors joining in the fray.

6. Holidays play a big role in establishing a film’s status.

For just about every holiday, mainstream or obscure, there are films that are shown around that time. Halloween is a large category that has many cult films being shown during this time of the year. Halloween also, for obvious reasons, presents itself as the perfect opportunity to dress as a cult character.

7. The 80s is the biggest decade, so far, for cult films.

About 70% of all cult films come from the decade that encompasses “the eighties.” These films are almost never serious, and almost always contain a futuristic element, like Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. It can be fun for modern audiences to view these oddities and laugh at the ideas the characters had of today’s world.