50 Comedy Movies That Are Hilarious!

Alright, I have to say that laughing makes the world go round. Me, myself I love to laugh and I love to make other people laugh. That is why I thought that today I would share with you some of my favorite movies. The movies that I am going to recommend to you here are ones that have made me seriously laugh, I mean can’t breathe laughing here people. I am sick of these movies that have been coming out lately that show every scene that will make you laugh in the movie and the rest of the film is filled with b line jokes that will barely make you smile. I have been too disappointed lately on the movies that I thought were going to be awesome that ended up completely disappointing me in the end. I have seen a lot of movies so I thought that I would try and save some of you out there who are looking for a laugh, some movies that will be guaranteed to crack your sh*t up! Alright, so here goes:

1. The Hangover

2. Tommy Boy

3. Billy Madison

4. Forgetting Sarah Marshall

5. The Goods “Live Free, Sell Hard”

6. Big Daddy


8. Old School

9. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation & Vegas Vacation

10. Super Troopers 11. Robin Hood: Men in Tights

12. What About Bob

13. Taladega Nights

14. 40 Year Old Virgin

15. Office Space

16. The Heartbreak Kid (This one’s for the ladies)

17. House Bunny (another one’s for the ladies)

18. Superbad

19. Bad Santa

20. Napoleon Dynamite

21. The Sweetest Thing (Another for the Ladies)

22. Dodgeball

23. Happy Gilmore

24. The Hot Chick

25. Wedding Crashers

26. The New Guy

27. Meet the Parents

28. White Chicks

29. American Pie

30. Knocked Up

31. Finding Nemo

32. Saved

33. Shallow Hal

34. Zoolander

35. Nothing to Lose

36. Superstar

37. Van Wilder

38. Waiting

39. Jeff Dunham – Spark of Insanity DVD

40. Wet Hot American Summer

41. Wayne’s World

42. Dazed and Confused

43. Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle

44. The Big Lebowski

45. There’s Something About Mary

46. Anchorman

47. The Proposal (This movies is not hilarious as a whole, but there is one scene that is just HILARIOUS! All I will say is that Sandra bullock and Ryan Reynolds have accidental naked collision will CRACK YOU UP!)

48. Bruno (Warning, there is a lot of Gay humor in this one so if you can’t handle those kind of jokes, this one is not for you. If only my boyfriend had that warning before we watched the film.

49. The Ugly Truth (Another Chick Flick)

50. Stranger than Fiction

Now I know there are A LOT more funny movies floating around in the world today that aren’t on this list, but these are all the ones I could think of for the moment. Please feel free to add the movies I missed in the comments section if you would like. These are just some of my favorite funny movies. These are not in any kind of order, they are just listed in the order I remembered them in. I hope you enjoy them and they give you a really good hard laugh:).